Clip-n-Dipped Ends™
Clip-n-Dipped Ends™Clip-n-Dipped Ends™Clip-n-Dipped Ends™Clip-n-Dipped Ends™

Clip-n-Dipped Ends™

Item #: 05220
Price: $10.00

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Product Description

Set of 2, 14" long color blended faux hair extensions

Clip-n-Dipped Ends™ is a simple way to achieve the "ombre" look sen on stars. These color blended hair extensions are applied to hair with a weft clip for easy application and removal. They are reusable and will not damage hair. Simply part hair, open clip, Clip-n-Dipped Ends™, and fold hair over clip. 2 extensions per package.

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Color/Description: blonde to pink ends

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